The Monaro Car Club of WA is an approved Department of Transport Car Club and we will offer Concession for Classic’s (C4C) and Code 404(Vintage Concession) for relevant vehicles. You do not need to own a Monaro to join and you do not have to participate in any events to access these schemes. If you have other makes of cars they can alo be covered by our club.  You must remain a financial member at all times. To determine if your Vehicle/s meet either of these requirements please go to

The Concessions for Classic Scheme is due to go live mid April 2021 and once the reglations for this scheme are published we will know more about the process of how you can claim these discounts and what the owners responsibilites are.

We have adjusted our membership form, so for now, you can advise us if you want to use either of these schemes and should you join then we will keep you informed of the process for claiming this and managing the days allowed under these schemes.