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Hi my name is Syd and I have only just joined the Monaro Club of WA. So pleased I joined as I havent met such a friendly “bunch” before! I was a bit reluctant to join as I only had a “plastic ” Monaro and thought that they weren’t that well received among the Monaro community. Well I was proved wrong and even though they don’t yet have the same status, they are still well and truly treated as a one of the Marque. I have only been on a few of runs and have enjoyed the company and the organization of all of them. Rob is the President of the club and Janelle, his wife , the Secretary, are really enthusiastic¬† with the organizing of the runs and the shows. So if you have a Monaro or are really keen enthusiasts of the marque don’t be backward in coming forward and joining the club!

This “new” website was designed for the members to be able to inject their ideas and comments into the club. Even if it’s just to say “Thank-you” to the committee for organizing particular events they have attended so at they at least know what the members like to do. Not everybody can attend the monthly meetings so here is a place you can have your say. Just remember what is put onto here is read by everyone to so anything derogatory wont be tolerated and you will be blocked from putting comments on the site. If you want a photo of your ride put up email it to Janelle and I am sure she will oblige, chances are if you have a Monaro she will already have a photo of it! Everybody will have to make a comment first and Janelle or myself will approve it then after that it will automatically go into the comments section. If we have enough interest we could even put up a classified section for members!?? We look forward to your input.

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